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241 Francis Ave Mansfield, MA 02048

About Us

Hilltop Bio was founded by animal lovers like you. We love our horses, dogs, cats, and bunnies through and through and we decided to use our backgrounds in veterinary therapies to find better ways to help them and animals around the world. Keeping our horses and pets healthy is of the utmost importance!  They make us smile and enrich our lives every day, so we do our best to keep them smiling, working hard, and being their best selves, whatever that is!


We are dedicated to providing therapies that help injured animals regenerate damaged tissues, restoring them to full functionality and long-term health. In other words, we Help Our Animals Heal Faster and Stronger!  


We are committed to our mission of producing regenerative therapies that science has proven to be the best at helping animals in need. Here’s to healthy animals!