Safely accelerate the healing process for horses in your practice

Our regenerative matrix for horses is proven to be a simple and effective solution to help accelerate and promote healing from several conditions; including osteoarthritis, tendon or ligament injury, fasciopathy, fractures, eye ulcers and non-healing wounds. 


While research continues to reveal its healing mechanisms in several species, including horses,, this therapy has been proven to generally improve the quality of healing, resulting in repairs with less scarring and thereby less chance of re-injury compared to other therapies -even stem cells.


With all of these practical applications, it’s easy to see why this regenerative matrix will become one of the most flexible tools in your vet box. 


The efficacy in this regenerative matrix is related to a full spectrum of growth factors, miRNA, peptides, as well as healthy extracellular matrix. This provides all of the sections of the regenerative orchestra needed for tissue regeneration.

There is minimal risk for experiencing rejection (graft host reaction) as these tissue lack the markers that could cause this type of reaction.

Safety studies were conducted with 37 horses and no rejection of the graft was reported.


Unlike some therapies, using this regenerative matrix is technically a very simple procedure. It can be used the same day as diagnosis to help jump start the healing process!

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